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As our name suggests, the team at Bingo Blogs just love to blog all things bingo related and we are most hot on industry news.

Bingo Blogs came about through our enjoyment of bingo and we wanted to create a place which would not only document (bingo) but one that would also keep other bingo lovers like ourselves fully in the bingo loop.

We have got to know many of the leading bingo gaming operators personally over the years, which is why we are able to bring our readers insider scoops. The game of bingo has changed immensely from when it first become popular in the UK back in the 60’s and no longer do we associate it with the old blue rinse brigade.

Our team of bingo experts include – Hollies Sanders (Administrator), Pat Levey (Editor), David Knoakes (Author), Joanne Silk (Author), Karen Hill (Contributor) and Lucky Barratt (Contributor). Find out more about the Bingo Blogs Team Here

Bingo Blogs is owned by prospect bingo media, who are an independent company set up solely to specialise in bingo.

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