888 Ladies £3k Adventure Game

What would you do with £3,000 cash (join in the game on Sunday, 29 July)? Especially if you could grab it for free? You could go sight-seeing around the UK with £3,000 cash for free in this £3K Adventure game at 9pm, 29 July, thanks to 888 Ladies Bingo.

Explore coastline to coastline – castles, theme parks and more (chocolate factories as well). Explore the best of the British Isles with up to £3,000 in your back pocket. You can earn free cards for this game.

Full House will score you £1,500, 2 Lines £1,000 and 1 Line still as much as £500.

Pre-buy your £1 cards on the Jackpots tab at 888 Lades Bingo, or earn yourself a free card or two (or more) for 500 adventure points – which you can accumulate up to and including Monday, 23 July. You can earn free cards by playing both bingo and instant games – not just bingo.

75 and 90 Ball Bingo Progressives, Weekday and Weekend Promotions, Win up to £50K every single Friday, Win up to £20,000(sliding jackpot) for just 50p, Win up to £10K every Sunday at 10pm – next Joy Pot on 1 June. Keep the new Joy Gem Club in mind as well!

Its well worth celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with the very special 888 Ladies Bingo game, on Friday 1 June. Its worth £20,000 in prize money with a Full House winning you £12,000, 2 Lines will get you £5,000 and 1 Line still scores as much as £3,000. Earn those free cards by paying either/or bingo and any of the instant games. Log on to see the finer details.

Joy of Bingo is very proud to be able to introduce the new Million a Month game. You can score yourself 1,000,000 Joy joints for just 10p per month on alternating sites – including 888 Ladies of course.