Harrys Bingo Lifetime Deposit Bonus Deals

£15 Free (on simply signing up), no strings attached. 200% Lifetime Deposit Bonus, Cash Option and larger bonuses on VIP deposits at Harrys Bingo.

They not only offer the best in bingo, but the best in promotions and some amazing online gaming experiences as well! The best combination of both games and complete integrated gaming platforms.

Firstly, you get to enjoy the Free £15 (if you’re not yet a member of Harrys), then progress onto the Lifetime 200% bonus. As well there is also the Reload Bonus Catch Up (with up to as much as 400% bonus, or alternatively, up to 150% Cash on all reloads)

Don’t miss the SBN Champions League, currently happening at Harrys Bingo. There is the 90 Dosh Doubles, the Bistro Base Ball Championship and the Slots Match.

With the 90 Dosh Doubles part of the league, you can double your winnings by winning a game, set or match. 1 Game will be played randomly each hour; scores work like this:

Any Line – Game
Any 2 Lines – Set
Full House – Match

With the 80 Ball Bistro Base Ball part of the Championship event, check out the unique Base Ball patterns, played every TOH. Score 100 runs to win 10BBs. Log onto see the details and what you get for reaching each base and scoring a home run.

Do make it a point of checking out Harrys Chat Game Specials, which occur in 90 Ball, 24/7. There’s only a minimum requirement of 3 players too! Win up to 200% of your last deposit this way!

You can still swipe up to £15,000 in cash and bonuses in Monday Swipes.

Harrys Bingo also conducts some excellent Happy Hour Specials – where you double your pleasure, can double your winnings and also double your fun.

Keep those bingo PJPs in mind as well – there’s £750 with the 90 Dosh Lounge, £750 with Sweet Chilli and Green Mango, as well as the £6,500 jackpot in the 90 Linked Room.