Bingo 90 with Tombola Bingo

BINGO 90  –  There’s 5 x 90 Ball bingo clubs to join and 15 colour coded bingo Chat rooms, we really do have fantastic choice on Tombola Bingo.  Bingo 90 is full of excitement, full of fun, full of choice and FULL OF PRIZES!

You can win on ONE or TWO Lines or on FULL HOUSE.  Any of us stand a chance of winning the rollover bingo jackpot – AND THAT’s NOT ALL on Tombola Bingo, as they have their fabulouse link bingo games every half an hour.  That means that all the Tombola Bingo clubs ‘link’ together to create an extra specially large prize pool!

Linked games at Tombola definitely are online bingo at it’s very very best.  AND there’s more to the fun you can have with Tombola Bingo 90 Ball games, you can play from only 10p per ticket which naturally means you can play longer and get more value from your £.  I like the idea of choosing the colour of my dabber (maybe I’m superstitious but I do so love Green).

I don’t mind admitting that I’m becoming increasingly fond of playing Bingo 80, usually in the Peach Room.  Its so easy, all I have to do is to click to buy my ‘Bingo Boards’ and if I want to change them to others I just click and try again!  There’s a great variety in price of the tickets (which is real handy at times of financial fluctuation in the household), from 25p up to £1.  Havent had any luck trying to grab the £500 Jackpot prize yet though but I’m determined to persist!

I envy lucky “hoggle77” who just won £7,163 in Bingo 90, congrats anyway to you.  I need to confess that I felt even more envious when I noted the huge winnings, made overall, by the last 50 Jackpot Winners on Tombola Bingo – and those 50 jackpot winners all happened in only 3 days!