What would you do for the Jackpotjoy of it?

Jackpotjoy, the online home of bingo and slots, is on a mission and a very important mission it is too. Its aim is to inject more fun into our lives. And just how does it go about doing this? It only goes and sets a giant yellow rubber duck loose on the Thames.

On Tuesday, 11 December Tower Bridge actually had to open up for the giant version of the bath toy as it bobbed its way along the River Thames to the delight, confusion and surprise of Londoners. And what was the purpose of this eye-grabbing stunt? Aside from brightening up one day during the darkest month of the year, Mr Rubber Duck was designed to rev up some interest in all the fun you can have on Jackpotjoy and to create buzz around its latest advert.

Jackpotjoy is the home of a variety of games from slots to bingo and it markets itself as offering some fun and entertainment to help us all relax and enjoy our spare time. Its latest advert goes one step further and asks what would you do just for the Jackpotjoy of it? It leads with a rather staggering and inspiring example: Bach’s Toccato and Fague in D Minor played using a variety of rubber toys – including a rubber ducky funnily enough – and my oh my is it a stellar rendition. The rubber toy virtuoso is pitted against a real life musician, who isn’t short of talent either; but all attention, smirks, smiles and all, is focused on the rubber toy maestro. You can check out the ad below.

This incredible musical feat is helmed by none other than the Queen of Bingo herself Barbara Windsor. In the behind the scenes video, which you can watch below, Babs talks about her role as the Queen of Bingo at Jackpotjoy and to be honest who wouldn’t love being the queen bee of a website dedicated entirely to fun?

But what would you do just for the Jackpotjoy of it? If you jump on over to Jackpotjoy now and deposit £10 you’ll get £35 to play on its bingo, slots and even classic casino games. If that’s not a bucket load of joy, then what is!