Bankruptcy Looming for Worlds Biggest Bingo Winner

Four years ago former cleaner Soraya Lowell was having the time of her life after landing the world’s biggest land based bingo jackpot win of a whopping £1.2 million pounds – but now it seems she has lost the lot and is facing bankruptcy.

This massive jackpot was won on the national bingo game which regularly hit figures into the hundreds of thousands of pounds mark and still does today. However it has not reached the outstanding height of 1.2 million since, which is probably down to Gala pulling out of the game and going with their own version of a big bingo networked jackpot – the high five.

Soraya regularly played bingo with her pal and neighbour Agnes O’Neil and the pair had made an agreement between them to share their winnings. We have to take our hats off to Soraya, because despite landing a million pound bingo win and being there was no legal agreement between the pair she honoured her part of the deal and gave Agnes half the £1.2 million jackpot prize.

Sadly Agnes died just 2 months after she banked her share of the jackpot. Her widower, John, said “He was sorry to hear about Soraya’s debt nightmare. It’s sad, I’d heard rumours they had money troubles but they never spoke to me about it.”

At the time Soraya said: “A deal’s a deal. I’d never go back on it.” And Agnes added, “There wouldn’t have been any malice from me if Soraya had decided to keep the money, but she insisted.”

With her half of the winnings Soraya purchased a house said to be worth in the region of £150,000 now and an ice cream van, but it’s license expired last year.

Her local council (South Lanarkshire Council) has launched a bid to have Soraya declared bankrupt over unpaid council tax debts amounting to £13,214. They took her to court on Monday just days after a Sheriff gave the bank of Scotland permission to seize her home.

She is now back in the council house where she used to live before her big bingo win, after failing to pay her mortgage.

Some may ask how could you spend that amount of cash within four years and seemingly be worse off than you was before? Well quite simply in this day and age £600,000 is a whole lot of cash to get through, but as we all know purchases can soon add up and we have seen this sort of situation happen before to big millionaire lottery winners as well, Michael Carroll being one of them.

Whatever you may think, Soraya stayed true to herself and shared her million pound bingo jackpot win – we just hope she had a great time spending it!