Foxy Bingo in Fraud Controversy

Foxy Bingo through no fault of their own have been mixed up in a controversial fraud case where a women reportedly stole more than £22,000 to fund her bingo playing habit at their online site.

We say (controversial) because in the report by BBC News Devon on Friday it states that 40 year old Caroline Shopland-Saich used her company’s credit card to (pay off debts) amounting to £22,620 on Foxy Bingo over a 21 month period.

Now as we know, you cannot run up debts at an online bingo site, Foxy Bingo or any other site on the net come to that. You can only fund your accounts with available credit, be that with a debit / credit card or an alternative payment method.

So in no way (well not that we know of) could she have run up debts with Foxy Bingo. Caroline could of however maybe used to card to fund her account – but as this was not registered to her, we are not sure how this would be possible either, as credit / debit cards used as a rule must be registered to the account holder.

If this was the case it is sure to cause a backlash within the industry and maybe a shake up on how credit and debit cards can be used.

Caroline worked as a marketing executive for a company called Applegate Media. She was only meant to use the credit card which was in her control to purchase vouchers as way of a reward for successful sales reps.

However, instead she used it fraudulently in connection with playing Foxy Bingo an Exeter Crown Court was told.

Caroline went to the police to confess all and said that she had become addicted to playing bingo online – which must have gone in her favour.

Judge John Neligan told her: “This started in a small way and I accept it spiralled out of control.”

Bathsheba Cassel, defending, said Shopland-Saich had felt under “enormous stress” at work.

Caroline Shopland-Saich of Ilfracombe was given a 12 month jail sentence, which was suspended for 2 years and she was ordered to do 200 hours of community service.