Bingo Team

Hollies Sanders – Administrator

Hollie Sanders is one of the original founders of Bingo Blogs and there is not much she does not know about the game of bingo. It was through Hollies’s love of the game Bingo Blogs was born as she wanted an avenue to connect with other like minded bingo players as herself. Hollie has worked with many of the leading gaming operators since bingo became such a huge hit online, so she knows about both sides of the bingo coin.

Pat Levey – (Editor)

Pat is are resident bingo expert and she is the lady who endeavours to make sure all content listed on Bingo Blogs is present and correct. Pat is a valued member of our team and we do not know what we would do without her. If you have any questions at all relating to bingo, Pat would probably be the one dealing with your enquiry and as ever she is only too happy to help.

David Knoakes – (Author)

David joined the Bingo Blogs team quite by accident. He was looking for some information relating to a bonus query he had with a bingo site and needless to say the rest is history. David loves logging into bingo and having a chat with the ladies whilst he is on his quest for valid bingo news – so you may have already spoken to David, but you don’t know it.

Joanne Silk – (Author)

Joanne is a stay at home bingo mum, so her job with Bingo Blogs fits perfectly around her busy lifestyle. If something is going on within the bingo industry you can near on guarantee Joanne knows about it, which makes her a valued member of our team.

Karen Hill – (Contributor)

Karen likes to make her contribution to the bingo scene and in the simplest of words – she really is a diehard bingo fan and it is great having her on board.

Lucy Barratt – (Contributor)

Lucy is into all kinds of online games, bingo and casino. Her knowledge and expertise has been invaluable in the gaming arena.

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