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Gold Medal Bingo

Would you pick up a gold medal from playing at the new online bingo site (Gold Medal Bingo)? Probably not, but they have come up with a very apt bingo name for their site considering the 2012 Olympics are now not that far away.

So what exactly is Gold Medal Bingo all about? Well we can tell you that they are a network bingo site running on globalcom bingo software. So basically they are on the globalcom bingo network, which a fair few other sites like Bingo Fabulous for instance run on already.

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Tea and Bingo

Tea and Bingo will be the name of a brand new online bingo site which is due to land on the net shortly! Tea and Bingo will be hitting our computer screens on the renowned virtue fusion bingo software and we have heard from the people behind the scenes about just what their bingo product is set to offer.

For starters Tea and Bingo believe their online site will deliver something different for online bingo players on the internet. They are due to offer a 100% first deposit match bonus and players will be able to take advantage of this up to the value of £250.

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888bingo on its Way

If you love what 888 Ladies Bingo are all about, checking out a brand new online bingo site which is due to hit the internet shortly called 888bingo, may be a good idea. 888bingo as the name suggests, are brought to you by the same people behind 888 Ladies Bingo, ( and as one of their subsidiaries (dragonfish) owns globalcom bingo software, it was inevitable really that 888bingo would also run on this particular bingo product.

However whilst 888 Ladies Bingo are a standalone online bingo site (meaning they are not linked to any other site on the net) 888bingo are due to launch on the globalcom bingo network. There are some pluses for a new online bingo site to launch on a network, one very obvious one is that they will be able to offer their players very good prize money to be in with the chance of winning straight away.

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Bingo All Day

Bingo All Day is another brand new site launch on the globalcom network, which means they are powered by dragonfish a subsidiary of As this is a networked bingo site we are talking about, once again they do not really bring you anything new which is not available to you already and their homepage did not offer anything really exciting either.

On the plus side for Bingo All Day however, they did choose to launch their site on one of the trusted networks on the net, which should be somewhat a relief for bingo players in the light of what happened to Interactive playnet a few weeks ago.

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Beacon Bingo on the Internet

You may be more familiar with seeing a Beacon Bingo club down your local high street, but we can tell you that they now have their very own online bingo site. Yes, Beacon Bingo is now live on the net running on the renowned virtue fusion network, plus they are a virtue bingo world of bingo news, bingo demos and bingo promotions.

As soon as you log onto Beacon Bingo you will be greeted by their bingo manager giving you some information about their site. You can then choose to check out where their land based bingo clubs are, play slowboat casino slots or enter their online site and play bingo direct from your pc.

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