888 Ladies Bingo

888 Ladies £3k Adventure Game

What would you do with £3,000 cash (join in the game on Sunday, 29 July)? Especially if you could grab it for free? You could go sight-seeing around the UK with £3,000 cash for free in this £3K Adventure game at 9pm, 29 July, thanks to 888 Ladies Bingo.

Explore coastline to coastline – castles, theme parks and more (chocolate factories as well). Explore the best of the British Isles with up to £3,000 in your back pocket. You can earn free cards for this game.

Full House will score you £1,500, 2 Lines £1,000 and 1 Line still as much as £500.

Pre-buy your £1 cards on the Jackpots tab at 888 Lades Bingo, or earn yourself a free card or two (or more) for 500 adventure points – which you can accumulate up to and including Monday, 23 July. You can earn free cards by playing both bingo and instant games – not just bingo.

75 and 90 Ball Bingo Progressives, Weekday and Weekend Promotions, Win up to £50K every single Friday, Win up to £20,000(sliding jackpot) for just 50p, Win up to £10K every Sunday at 10pm – next Joy Pot on 1 June. Keep the new Joy Gem Club in mind as well!

Its well worth celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with the very special 888 Ladies Bingo game, on Friday 1 June. Its worth £20,000 in prize money with a Full House winning you £12,000, 2 Lines will get you £5,000 and 1 Line still scores as much as £3,000. Earn those free cards by paying either/or bingo and any of the instant games. Log on to see the finer details.

Joy of Bingo is very proud to be able to introduce the new Million a Month game. You can score yourself 1,000,000 Joy joints for just 10p per month on alternating sites – including 888 Ladies of course.

888 Ladies Bingo Plan Charity Weekend

We have said it before, but we will say it again – The game of bingo has been synonymous in helping to raise cash for charities over the years no matter what the current economical climate may be and online bingo site 888 Ladies Bingo are about to prove that once again.

The team at 888 Ladies Bingo have set up a charity weekend event which is set to take place at their online site between 9th and 11th December and remember – this is all  for a good cause. They have stated – “Every year 888ladies like to give a little something back to those who need it most. We’re giving you the opportunity to join us to help not one, but THREE deserving charities: Bliss, Breast Cancer Care and Sport Relief.”

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Massive New Year Jackpot on 888 Ladies Bingo

888 Ladies Bingo
Massive New Year Jackpot at 888 Ladies Bingo, its on for an amazing £8,888 roomies. Yep its going to be worth thousands of £’s possibly for you players – next Saturday – that £8,888 and its GUARANTEED too!

But there’s the amazing “all new 1TG Free Bingo” every night at 888 Ladies Bingo too – one of us is bound to score the scrumptious sum of £300! Its all about playing Free Bingo every hour roomies – at 888 Ladies Bingo anyway!

Now you’ve probably mostly all heard about it by now but just in case there is the big big welcome home, to the much loved £8,888 Guaranteed Jackpot, at 888 Ladies Bingo happening next Saturday night at 9.30pm.

Well, it’s the first day of 2011 so something special was bound to occur at 888 Ladies Bingo and what better thing to do than to bring back for a ‘special one-time-only reappearance’ this much loved 888 Ladies Bingo game.

Log onto 888 Ladies Bingo roomies if you want more details – BUT WHATEVER YOU DO don’t miss the big game. YOU can Pre-Buy NOW if you like.

‘Cash for You – Cash for Your Friend’ – that’s exactly what happens when one of us introduces a friend to our much loved 888 Ladies Bingo. Now your friend, as you will know, firstly gets their scrummy £25 Welcome Bonus, plus an extra £2, just for accepting our most delightful invitation and WE get our £5 for doing your friend a favour (which they will really come to appreciate).

The great giving and generous thing about 888 Ladies Bingo which none of us should ever lose sight of is the fact that when we registered at 888, even before we made a single deposit, we got £5 FREE (just for registering) so we could start playing and join in the fun right away. It was more or less a case of “try before you buy”.

AND we should pass that info onto our friends too! Tell them about 888 Ladies Bingo – that way they’re sure to have a great 2011!

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