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Royal Gala Bingo Jubilee Jackpots

Plenty of variety in promos, comps and prizes to be found at Gala Bingo.

Start with the Jubilee Jackpot (worth £20,000), Jubilee Bingoland, Queen FiFi, the Chest of Plenty (now worth nearly £600,000), Tuesday Club or Lucky Ball Bingo! There is many top game jackpots too – most importantly currently, of course, is Great Bingo for Great Britain – GB!

Gala Bingo is celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with not 1, not 2, but 3 promotions. If you’re no yet a member make sure you joint up so you don’t miss the current crop of superior promotions! Spend £30 and they will give you another £60 to play for free!

As for the 3 promotions, there’s; Jubilee Jackpots, Jubilee Bingoland and Queen Fifi! Be quick though as time is short for these wonderful promotions. Thousands of £’s at stake - £100,000, £20,000 and £1,500.

Starting with Jubilee Bingoland, Gala are giving away £100,000 over the Jubilee long weekend. All games hosted by special guest caller. You may have missed the 1st game (on 1 June), maybe even the second (on 2 June) but hopefully you can catch number three, where £17,000 is up for grabs.

Its generally a good idea to keep a close eye on what is happening at Gala Bingo as there’s always a number of offers, promotions and comps coming and going. Don’t keep your eyes open and you’re sure to miss out on something good, possibly a few promotions worth thousands of £’s!

As for Jubilee Jackpots – well this one’s worth £20,000 which is to be given away to anyone who qualifies for those Jubilee Jackpots. Log on and grab your tickets now. But how do you earn your tickets? Its easy enough – on the Monday to Thursday before each game spend at least £5 on any day of bingo and you’ll earn 1 strip of 6 tickets!

Or spend at least £5 on any day on mini-games and you’ll get another strip of 6 tickets. Collect all 8 strips to get 2 bonus strips for the big Friday game!

For all the details of this £20,000 promotion (taking place over two whole weeks), be sure to log onto Gala Bingo now!

As for Queen FiFi – just find her on her procession and get yourself some free cash! £1,500 in Cash Drops to be given away from Midday to 5pm, on Monday, 4th and Tuesday 5th of June! Don’t miss that one.

Huge New Years Eve Jackpots on Gala Bingo

Gala Bingo
Attention: tonight at Gala Bingo there’s over £25,000 to be won, after all its New Year’s Eve roomies!

A huge Jackpot is up for grabs players, join in in the City Club from 8pm and remember Gala Bingo has over £25k to give away! Just log onto Gala Bingo for the game times and prices – and prizes too of course - £25,000 though is going to be given away keep in mind. There’s also the ‘Happy New Year’ game where there is another £500 to be won also.

Its simply a matter of us staking £2 on the featured game of the week for a chance to win!

Did you enjoy the ‘Christmas Banquet’ at Gala Bingo as much as I did? Lots of different games across ‘Starters’, ‘Main Courses’, and ‘Deserts’ – tickets prices tiny and great prizes. Not sure or not whether this is still on since I haven’t played since Christmas Day on Gala – big mistake of mine for sure but will log on and check whether any of those great value (1p) tickets are still available – along with those amazing £8k Guaranteed Jackpots and the other Big Jackpots (going all night) too!

Well done to our friend “poppy088” who just scored another amazing ‘Cash Climber’ win at Gala Bingo – it was just under £44.5k this time around! Amazing isnt it roomies the money that Cash Climber winners have scored at Gala Bingo over the past few weeks?

Make it a point roomies to find out more about the brand new Gala Bingo FREE BINGO Thursday games and of course, there’s still that heap of Free Bingo at Gala during the week as well!

BUT getting back to those Special Thursday Free Games, they’re on between 9am and 4pm (at Gala Bingo) and we get to find 1 Free Game on the Hour. AND FROM 5.30pm to 11.30pm we get to come across another Free Game, but this time on the Half-Hour at Gala!

We should all try to experience something new coming up to a new year, so any of us who haven’t played slots or roulette before (or for quite a while) really should give them a whirl at Gala Bingo. Maybe try out “Alice’s Wonderland” (where the jackpot currently stands at £500,000) or even “Spiderman” (where we can really go for the ultimate spin with the amazing spider – 3 Marvel Jackpots to be won).

Christmas Bingo Banquet on Gala Bingo

Gala Bingo
How about a banquet folks, a Christmas Banquet of course! There’s a terrific one going on at Gala Bingo at the moment and I can tell you all about the rather yummy menu too! It starts with fab value at just 1p – now them there’s ticket prices to whet any appetite.

That’s for the “Starter” course going from Midday until 4.30pm each day at Gala Bingo! The “Main Course” (£8k guaranteed Jackpots) goes between 8pm and 11pm.

As for what is for a lot of people the best course on any menu – the “Dessert” – well that runs from 11pm to 1am at Gala Bingo – its all about Big Jackpots All Night – or 2 more hours of Big Jackpots anyway!

A few more ‘Starter’ details – this course is a collection of Linked Guaranteed Jackpot Games, as follows:

12.15pm - Ticket Price 1p - £175 Jackpot
1.15pm - Ticket Price 2p - £225 Jackpot
2.15pm - Ticket Price 3p - £275 Jackpot
3.15pm - Ticket price 4p - £325 Jackpot
4.15pm - Ticket price 5p - £350 Jackpot

The ‘Main Course’ anywhere is nearly always my favourite though and its probably yours as well! This Gala Bingo Banquet’s ‘Main Course’ is made up of £8k Guaranteed Jackpots – its main games with all the trimmings roomies! A whopping £8k in Guaranteed Jackpots. You really need to log on to check them out because there’s as many as 15!

But I’ll give you a few times and prize clues just because I’m so nice!

8.15pm - 10p Linked Jackpot Game - Prize £1,000
8.40pm - City £500 Prize Promise Game - Prize £500
9.15pm - 10p £1k Linked Jackpot Game - Prize £1,000

BUT WHAT ABOUT THE Dessert? You’ll just have to log onto Gala Bingo yourself to check these out – you’ll be surprised though roomies!

As this is a very expensive time of year I’m going to have a serious go at the Gala Bingo “Featured Game” promo where £500 must be won every single week! After all roomies its just a matter of staking only £2 on the featured game for my chance to win!

Did you know that “poppy088” just scooped an impressive £44,496 for herself from just a 20p spin playing the ‘Gold Mine’. Way to go roomies but only at our treasured Gala Bingo!

Gala Bingo Share the Fun

Gala Bingo
Can you believe it roomies? Yet another big-time cash climber winner at Gala Bingo! There’s been so many of them over the weeks and months, you almost lose track. This time its “Bendy06” who grabbed just under £28,000 from Gala Bingo!

Also “Trigger54” is celebrating a huge Cash Climber win as well – as I said it doesn’t stop. Now the next thing we have to do roomies, is for you and me to get one too!

I’m all about ‘sharing the fun’ if its good fun and you can bet playing at Gala Bingo for me has always been fun – win or lose – its always fun but thank heavens I win a lot more than I lose, at Gala Bingo.

BUT BACK TO “sharing the fun”! Be like me, get your friends to sign up (and play of course) at Gala Bingo and we get an extra £10 (for each friend). And personally speaking I cant think of many things I reckon I’d rather share with my friends, than a game or two (or more) of good bingo at such a premier online bingo site as Gala Bingo!

PILES OF FREE BINGO! Yep roomies each Thursday (from 9am to 4pm) we get 1 Free Game of bingo – on the Hour – and from 5.30pm to 11.30pm, 1 Free Game on the Half-Hour at Gala Bingo.

We don’t need to spend one single solitary penny but we stand a definite chance of walking way with a share of the “Daily £2,300 Prize Money”. YES, £2,300 is up for grabs for nothing!

Each game has a guaranteed prize too – so mark down next Thursday for your big dose of FREE BINGO play at Gala Bingo. BUT YOU WANT MORE FREE BINGO! That’s okay too, because each evening (except Thursdays of course) Gala Bingo run 2 Free Games – at 7pm and 9.40pm!

REMEMBER TOO players that you can definitely win up to £8,000 a week by playing in the Gala TV Club from 9pm onwards, with “Gala Show Time”! Now ‘Gala Show Time’ is the brilliant new and exciting live and interactive way of playing bingo – so try it out – you’ve got nothing to lose players when you log on and play at Gala Bingo!

Gala Bingo Player Scoops the Gold Mine

Gala Bingo
A real Winner that’s Gala Bingo, well they do pay out over £65 Million, and create more than ½ Million individuals per month players!

One of the latest being that lucky lady from Glasgow who scored £93,000 on ‘The Gold Mine’ after hitting the ‘Cash Climber’ jackpot.

Poor stunned lady just wouldn’t believe her good fortune at first, not until heaps of her fellow players in the Chatroom kept congratulating her! Lots of big similar winners at Gala Bingo too – all the time – it keeps happening and happening!

This particular winner said:

“Things like that just don’t happen to me. Its fantastic. I’m completely “overwhelmed! Winning at Gala Bingo will now help me to finally buy my own house”. She later added; “I cant wait to have a place to call my own. …..”

She wishes to remain anonymous but she won her £93K+ after placing just a simple 20p stake at Gala Bingo! Another lucky winner from Pershore celebrated a pretty fair win too, with a £27K plus win!

Winner story after Winners story at Gala Bingo, the site that seems to make dreams come true. Try logging on and playing there!

PROMOTIONS – yet it’s the Gala Bingo promotions that truly make them a star. ‘Happenings’ such as their “Gala Show Time” games, tremendous “Free Bingo”, the “Featured Game’, ‘Jackpot Winner Alert’, and those amazing ‘New Lower Stake’ slot opportunities.

Go Gala Bingo – is what so many players are saying now, even more than they did before!

With the Gala Bingo ‘Featured Game’ for instance, players can win themselves £500 every week – log on and try this one out for size today players. This week it just happens to be “A Girl’s Night Out”! Simply stake and play at least just £2 on the game this week and you’re entered into a prize draw with your chance to win 1 of 5 X £100 bonuses. Don’t forget that you could receive a £20 Free Play as well.

NOTE please players that at Gala Bingo you now have ‘BOGOF’ and ‘Jackpots’ galore both “before” and “after” Show Time and that Monday to Thursday the total jackpot involved is £800 (Showtime Girls Night Out Linked Jackpot game is held at 8.25pm you’ll wish to note)!.

There’s those 10p Linked BOGOF games at 11.05pm BUT on Friday (where total jackpots hit over £2,300) there are the ‘Showtime Link Ladder Jackpot BOGOF’ Games at 8.05pm, 8.20pm and 8.50pm!

But the great Showtime Games don’t end there players, because on Saturday at 8.05pm there is the “Showtime 20p Double Ton Linked Game” and the “Showtime 15p Linked BOGOF Game” at 9.25pm as well!

SUNDAY has several great linked games, so we suggest you log onto Gala Bingo to grab the details for yourself! Good Luck to All!

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