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What would you do for the Jackpotjoy of it?

Jackpotjoy, the online home of bingo and slots, is on a mission and a very important mission it is too. Its aim is to inject more fun into our lives. And just how does it go about doing this? It only goes and sets a giant yellow rubber duck loose on the Thames.

On Tuesday, 11 December Tower Bridge actually had to open up for the giant version of the bath toy as it bobbed its way along the River Thames to the delight, confusion and surprise of Londoners. And what was the purpose of this eye-grabbing stunt? Aside from brightening up one day during the darkest month of the year, Mr Rubber Duck was designed to rev up some interest in all the fun you can have on Jackpotjoy and to create buzz around its latest advert.

Jackpotjoy is the home of a variety of games from slots to bingo and it markets itself as offering some fun and entertainment to help us all relax and enjoy our spare time. Its latest advert goes one step further and asks what would you do just for the Jackpotjoy of it? It leads with a rather staggering and inspiring example: Bach’s Toccato and Fague in D Minor played using a variety of rubber toys – including a rubber ducky funnily enough – and my oh my is it a stellar rendition. The rubber toy virtuoso is pitted against a real life musician, who isn’t short of talent either; but all attention, smirks, smiles and all, is focused on the rubber toy maestro. You can check out the ad below.

This incredible musical feat is helmed by none other than the Queen of Bingo herself Barbara Windsor. In the behind the scenes video, which you can watch below, Babs talks about her role as the Queen of Bingo at Jackpotjoy and to be honest who wouldn’t love being the queen bee of a website dedicated entirely to fun?

But what would you do just for the Jackpotjoy of it? If you jump on over to Jackpotjoy now and deposit £10 you’ll get £35 to play on its bingo, slots and even classic casino games. If that’s not a bucket load of joy, then what is!

Xmas Party Games on JackPotJoy Bingo

Jackpotjoy Bingo
Not long to Chrissy now is it roomies, our JackPotJoy Bingo has been offering us some real fun, colourful and rewarding games and offers, not to forget bonuses, over the last few weeks and will keep on doing so for us right up until Christmas Day itself!

Party Games, Secret Messages, Jack’s Cash Filled Stockings and more – all at our fave site JackPotJoy Bingo!

KEEP CHECKING BACK REGULARLY as JackPotJoy are a site that like to spring surprises!

“The Queen’s Christmas Gift” – there’s a very special gift for us lovers of Bingo Royale. And all we have to do is to log onto our beloved JackPotJoy Bingo, and click through under the Current Promotions tab to open up the details!

WE’VE GOTTA WATCH OUT THOUGH because it ends next Sunday evening, just before Midnight! Its great fun, just log onto JackPotJoy Bingo, click through to the Promotions tab, then just glide on over to the ‘The Queen’s Christmas Gift’! Any of us can manage that surely.

All we need to do then is to click on the gift the Queen is holding – to see what special gift she’s got for us – today its to tell us about the £25,000 a week in Guaranteed Bingo Royale Jackpots of course.

Its really just a nice way to remind us that we keep on getting that £25,000 per week in Guarantee Jackpots in Bingo Royale! As if we needed reminding about such fab prizes!!!

We can all meet friends and win cash at the same time with the terrific JackPotJoy Bingo “Chat Christmas Parties” (don’t forget to try the smilies though roomies).

AND because its Chrissy time, JackPotJoy have got Chat Parties running in a different room each day – you’ll need to check out the ‘Instructions’ tab under Promotions after you’ve logged onto JackPotJoy Bingo for the details BUT ENOUGH TO SAY that we’re we get to win cash while having fun and touching base with friends. Just remember – enjoy the games and the smilies roomies!

HANDY TO KNOW – there are £1,000 Links every night of the week at 9pm and the tickets are only 25p each too. These sorts of prizes and prices are ideal at this time of year aren’t they roomies – are for me anyway!

Chuzzle Slots on JackPotJoy Bingo

Jackpotjoy Bingo
What fun, Chuzzle Slots? Although bingo at JackPotJoy Bingo is the most VIP thing for me I love just about everything about this wonderful fun site. Great games, great promotions, great community!

What about that fabulous “Trip to London & £1,000” that JackPotJoy Bingo are presently offering us roomies. We can celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Bejewelled and win that London trip as well as £1,000 in Cash – not bad!

But I really love the idea of winning 1 or more (I’m not greedy) of those 5 X £200 which are up for grabs each day at JackPotJoy Bingo. And you can grab one of these extra £200 amounts every day right up until the end of October players!

But we mustn’t forget about the amazing “Super Jackpots” at JackPotJoy Bingo either – there’s £30,000 up for grabs with that one – believe it or not! £30,000 on each Sunday and £2,000 every single other day of the week. SO THE MORAL OF THE STORY IS – don’t miss any day roomies – particularly SUNDAYS of course!

As for our Free Bingo at JackPotJoy – we can find as much as £500 a day with JackPotJoy Bingo’s Free Bingo in those great Cloud, Emerald or Tiki Rooms.

DON’T MISS ANY OFFERS roomies and I can tell you from experience the way that you’ll be sure you don’t either! Simply subscribe to the JackPotJoy Bingo “Weekly Newsletter”. Best thing I ever did was when I made sure I was subscribed to this great newsletter – don’t miss a damn thing these days!

Don’t forget that Birthday Cash we can grab at JackPotJoy Bingo roomies – really what you should do is what I eventually got around to doing – simply logging onto JackPotJoy Bingo, chatting to someone and seeing what’s going on!

Great range of other games as well with top games such as Tiki Island, Bejeweled Hypercash, Double Bubble, Diamond Bonanza, Tiki Temple and even Houdini (a scream of a game). Multi-line slots at JackPotJoy Bingo also hold a great place and offer an excellent range of diverting games (great for when we roomies are waiting for our fave bingo game).

Babs is the Queen of JackPotJoy Bingo

Jackpotjoy Bingo
Well roomies we now have a ‘Queen of Bingo’ to appreciate at JackPotJoy Bingo Barbara Windsor, she actually had her coronation last Friday, 10 September!

To honour this momentous occasion JackPotJoy Bingo are opening a new Bingo Royale room next Friday – 17 September – and doing so with a fantastic new bonus game called “Royal Pardon” – sounds the right thing to do doesn’t it? Keep your eye out for that great Free Card game – Bejeweled 90 Bingo too roomies.

Also its worth remembering that Bingo 20 is back by (our) demand too at JackPotJoy as well – which only goes to prove it pays to let them know WHAT WE REALLY WANT!

By the way the Queen of Bingo is always accompanied by two handsome flunkies! You can see the Royal Family on some of the new JackPotJoy Bingo ads – so keep an eye out for that too!

Okay so if you weren’t around last weekend (11 & 12 September) you missed out on Coronation Weekend Guaranteed Jackpots, the Coronation Weekend Chat and also some great Coronation Weekend Linked games (worth thousands of £’s) but don’t feel too bad – I missed out too.

Really kicking myself but it teaches us a lesson roomies and that is that we really should keep a closer eye on the goings on at JackPotJoy Bingo – particularly as they are always springing some fabulous surprise games and promotions! Let’s not make the same mistake again!

One way to make sure that we don’t miss out again, one way to get reminded or prompted is for us to ‘Subscribe to the Newsletter/Emails’ at JackPotJoy Bingo. They come out weekly, there’s no charge – so why on earth not?

BUT ALL IS NOT LOST! As the “Royal Bingo Procession” still continues – we could all be £50 winners by simply joining in with the Royal Bingo Procession – tour the 5 Bingo Rooms and win one of 50 X £50 prizes! Sounds good to me. The procession last up until Sunday, 26 September roomies – so plenty of time yet for us to score and score again!

Diamond Room on JackPotJoy Bingo

Jackpotjoy Bingo
There’s “£50 Guaranteed Full Houses” games on for 7 full hours per day at JackPotJoy Bingo players! Yes 7 hours of these games, ie from 6pm right through until 1am! Every Full House Jackpot in the dazzling Diamond Room will be ‘at least’ £50! Get those tickets now!

The Diamond Room at JackPotJoy Bingo is actually open 24 hours per day – 7 days per week remember!

Have you considered joining the JackPotJoy crew on Facebook? NO – well you’re missing out if you don’t players. Follow JackPotJoy on Facebook (even if you’re not really into Facebook) because you’re up for winning a whole lot of extra Joy Points, participating in quizzes, meeting up with friends and more – it’s a whole new extended JackPotJoy Bingo world to be found on Facebook! Log onto JackPotJoy and click on the Facebook link to find out more if you like.

Mark down for Friday, 30 July, that there will be yet another “Big Money Friday” on – particularly because there will be thousands upon thousands of £’s up for grabs then – there is the Evening Star Game, the Super Star Game and the Mega Star game on then – mark it down don’t forget!

Another popular promo that’s been running for a little while and is still running hot is the JackPotJoy Bingo “Ticket Takeaways” promo. This promotion is particularly for those who are fans of Free Tickets – and isnt that everyone? Well, anyway you’re bound to love this Happy Hour players – it offers you the chance to win up to 4 Free Bingo tickets for each and every game!

The Takeaway is held in both the Tiki & Gold Rooms at JackPotJoy. Just log into the site to find out the varied times!

We are far from finished pointing all the great promotion and offer features to you players, by covering just the above few – there is actually so much more at JackPotJoy Bingo that you will definitely benefit from and enjoy! – including the Bingo Happy Hours, Cleanup Cashbacks and Fancy a Fiver!

Britain definitely loves Bingo and there’s even more reason to do so when you can have fun with the three exciting happy hour promotions that players can choose from at JackPotJoy Bingo!

There’s (i) Diamond Doubles, (ii) Ticket Takeaways and (iii) Fancy a Fiver!

i. Diamond Doubles – find double the fun in the Diamond Room with those Guaranteed £100 Jackpot games between 9 and 10pm – with an extra weekend Happy Hour at midnight!
ii. Ticket Takeaways – for those who love to double, triple or even quadruple their Ticket Takeaways
iii. Fancy a Fiver – for a bit of fun, check this one out yourself

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