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So much happening on the Paddy Power online bingo site this week – whether it be the new Home Free Hotline, Reach for the Stars, Pet of the Week, Games Bonus, Roomie of the Week, Bingo Linx, Paddy’s Playground, Last Chance Saloon, Roll on Bingo, Paddy’s Pad, Paddy’s Fairground, Free Bingo and More (and mustn’t ever forget Windsor Wonderland and Paddy’s Super Scoop! You’ll find yourself spoilt for choice at this site!

Almost too much to choose from is open to you at Paddy Power Bingo!

Find it difficult sometimes to know what to do over a weekend? Well there’s certainly plenty of fun to be had (and money to be made) at Paddy Power Bingo!

Maybe start with that £1,500 to be won on Saturday evening – 3 X £500 – at 9pm, 10pm and 11pm. Don forget you can always pre-purchase your tickets if you cant be there – just pop along to the bingo lobby now – that way you’re sure to be able to be part of Saturday Night In & Win!

Then try out Stellar Sundays for Size – that’s where you can play mobile bingo and get Double your Star Rewards points. All day too!

Try some Jackpot Justice games too. Play your Bouncy Balls to qualify! There’s the massive amount of £2.5 million to be won, you will want to note that this promo runs right up until the end of June!

Prizes of up to £25,000 each are available. Log onto Paddy and check this one out!

How about Windsor Wonderland – but it ends on Tuesday, 5 June – so hurry.

There’s £300,000 to be won and that £300,000 is guaranteed! In the mix of games to be played you’ll note Diamond BOGOF games (only 30p a ticket too), Queen’s Last Chance Saloon Games (at just 20p per ticket), Diamond Bingo Games (only 10p per ticket), Queen’s 1TG Games (5p a ticket) – Plus many more games and huge Bingo Linx prizes.

Turning to through the week, note that a special day at Paddy’s is Jackpot Wednesday (when there is over £6.5K to be won and each week too. Also, Winner Wednesdays – stake just 50p at any time, in any bingo room, and get yourself 500 Star Points!

Brand New Promotion Every Single Day at Paddy Power Bingo

More winners in every game with Paddy’s Pad! You reach for the stars with the new reward program too! And up to as much as £50 free for new players at this great site.

One of the big events at Paddy’s at the moment is the month of luck, where there is over £500,000 to be won. There is actually a brand new promotion every single day at Paddy Power Bingo.

Keep your eyes and ears open too for the fabulous £1M madness. This is a very special Easter happening as a massive £1,000,000 is up for grabs in bingo jackpots. From Friday, 30 March until Monday, 9 April, you will experience 11 days of big jackpots, huge 1TG prizes and a whole load more at Paddy Power Bingo.

One of the rooms well worth checking out early in the day too is the free room – it comes with real cash. It’s the newbie room where all new players who create their chat name, purchase a bingo ticket within 7 days of signing up, are invited to Paddy’s new players Party, where you are hosted to £100 of free bingo games. There are Penny Bingo games as well where you stand to grab some real cash prizes. Check this one out to become an early winner.

For your info, the new player party runs Monday to Friday, between 6pm and 8pm in the newbie room. But also make it a point to take full advantage of all Paddy Power Bingo’s other new player benefits – including that very generous Free £20 deposit bonus.

For instance, you are actually going to want to reach for the stars with the new star rewards program at the Paddy Power Bingo. Once you’ve reached a star level at Paddy Power, there’s no chance of you backsliding – you stay at that level! Which means you get to keep on enjoying the rewards of that level no matter what. They’ve gone where others haven’t gone before with their reward programs – every single time you play bingo, side games or casino games you earn star points which convert into bonuses.

There are 4 star levels – White Star, Silver Star, Gold Star and Supernova (at Supernova for instance you earn as many as 125 points for every £10 you put into bingo play) – the higher you go, obviously the better the bonuses and the better the privileges you get to enjoy.

But Paddy is about a lot more with promotions and offers such as the £8K Daily with Bingo Linx, Paddy’s Fairground, Roomie of the Week Award and some great 1TG and 2TG games! And those weekend special opportunities either – Stellar Sundays, Saturday Night In & Win, Last Chance Saloon and more.

All New Paddy Power Bingo!

I hope you’ve looked at the great new website that Paddy Power Bingo has – its absolutely amazingly great – informative, easy to follow and very very proactive!  I for one adore the great bright new colours and imagery. Paddy Power Bingo has returned even better than ever.

AND I was agreeably amazed at the number of friends and acquaintances who’ve said to me that they really missed Paddy Power Bingo during that time they were updating the site, in other words ‘while they were away’!

WHAT SHOULD REALLY GET YOU playing again (or for the first time) on Paddy Power Bingo is the great bonuses.  For new players please note that you can TREBLE YOUR MONEY, what with a 200% SIGN UP BONUS!  A 100% Sign-up Bonus is nice to get BUT 200% is even better – so pass the news around to friends!

LOSERS BONUS – that’s right, if you don’t win you get a FREE BINGO BONUS.  Didn’t I say Paddy Power was back bigger and better than ever!

This testimonial says it all; “new site - absolutely paddypower brilliance once agn " nazadam.

Just some of the more recent Paddy Power Bingo winners include “paddyzone” who won £5,918, “moss62” who won £6,300 and “bluenosee” (cute alias) who won £1,601! But where Paddy Power Bingo really shines is with its great promotions, including the 4 x £1,000 Makeovers and the awesome Guaranteed Jackpot Thursdays (that’s today so be quick to get onsite at Paddy Power).  With this week’s Guaranteed Jackpot being actually 2 x Jackpots of £500 each.  AND THE TICKETS ARE ONLY 25p each – AND THERE’S MORE if you buy 4 tickets you get one for Free!

Another big favourite with me is the FREE BINGO EVERY DAY! That’s right you have Free Bingo every hour, between 10am and 1am folks! AND ALMOST FREE BINGO – well 1p per ticket is nearly free isn’t it?  Every single morning at Paddy Power Bingo, in both Silver and Diamond, they not only have 1p Games, but 1p Games with prizes!  I love the feeling of winning pennies from pounds don’t you?

All new Paddy Power Bingo!

It’s great seeing this absolutely fabulous site up and really running again.

And what a wonderful new site Paddy Power Bingo have!  Starting with an awesome 200% Sign-up Bonus too!  Note: New Players, you get to treble your playing money, PLUS – if you don’t win, you get a free bingo bonus – hard going to beat that anywhere else!

New site, new ideas to go with it!  You get straight to your game – be it silver, gold, or whatever, you play your game straight from the Paddy Power Bingo Homepage – no extra fussing around, no extra clicks. Everything else is NEW too I noticed.  I found I could check out new promotions, news and winners (always like to know what I should have won!) from the very same page – if you’re impatient like me this is absolutely perfect.  This all makes it easier to stay up to date and on top of what’s going on.

BIG Announcement -  FREE BINGO Every Single Day – the marvelous Paddy Power Bingo have Free Bingo every hour between 10am and 1am, on every single day.  The only condition is that players must be logged into Chat to be eligible to win a prize – that’s not hard is it friends?

New Year, New Look – this is comp that is being run all this month until the 31 January.  There’s 4 x £1,000 Makeovers to be won!  What you need to do is to play bingo with Paddy Power Bingo on any 3 days in a week (for which you receive a number and qualify for that week’s chat game).

The winner of the chat game each week will be the winner of the stunning £1000 Makeover prize (it’s actually £1000 cash to use as you wish on your makeover).  To be honest though I think I might need to win more than one of the Paddy Power Bingo £1000 Makeovers to have enough to pay for the makeovers I need, so watch out fellow players!

Had a go at Penny Bingo (tickets are just 1p each) a day or two ago – mainly because my sister-in-law’s name is Penny, and found I really enjoyed it. Thanks to my sister-in-law!  This very cheap game is there for you so you neednt miss your bingo when funds are short!

Free Bingo Celebrations at Paddy Power Bingo!

Paddy Power Bingo will be celebrating their 2nd Birthday on 13th October and they have lined up a packed month of promotions to celebrate this fact! Diamonds, free online bingo, jackpots and to top it all a great birthday party will be held at Paddy Power Bingo this month and whilst it may be their birthday it is you their bingo players that are set to reap the benefits all the way!! I have not even mentioned their Halloween treats yet either!!!

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